Save  Deer   Quail    Fields   Crops   Golf Courses   $$$ Money  by eliminating hogs from your property

Hogg Boss Gate with Electronic Control Unit


Hogg Boss trap gates are the most cost effective cellular controlled hog trapping system in the industry.  The Hogg Boss gate includes cellular control unit, long range antenna, and solar panel. Our new units come with a SIM card that can be activated online and costs only $5/month to operate.  Works with 4G LTE and 3G networks and can be operated using any cell phone from any carrier.  Portable Corral system is sold separately. The gate also requires a 12 volt battery and cellular trail camera. Our system works with any cellular trail camera.

The Hogg Boss gate system uses a cellular control unit to trigger the gate. Simply activate the SIM card online and follow the quick programming instructions included. You determine who you want to be able to fire the gate and only those people can trigger the system. Once hogs have entered your trap, simply call the number associated with your trap and mark pork off your grocery shopping list.

Our gate was designed based on multiple university studies.  The gate design and dimensions are combined to be less offensive to trap-shy sows and avoid many of the pitfalls associated with smaller trap gates.   The Hogg Boss gate offers a generous opening of 8 feet wide and over 40 inches throat height.  We eliminated the threshold and when paired with our Portable Corral System you have the optimum combination of trap gate and corral size to shorten your trap conditioning time and overcome trap-shy sows avoidance of entering the enclosure.  TRAP SIZE MATTERS!!!

Our modular design allows the trap gate to be broken down without any tools.  The gate frame, slide rails, and drop gate can be quickly disassembled so that no individual component weighs more than 60lbs.  This makes it easy for one person to set up the gate without any assistance.

Hogs aren’t always next to the closest cell tower so each unit comes complete with an external antenna for improved reception. For those really out of the way places, our Extended Range Antenna can be purchased for even more reliable performance

-Designed to resist being rooted up by hogs.
-Extremely portable

Built Boar Tough!

Include 1 year warranty parts and labor


Updated: April 22, 2024