Save  Deer   Quail    Fields   Crops   Golf Courses   $$$ Money  by eliminating hogs from your property

Hogg Boss Portable Corral System


Our Portable Corral System easily integrates with the Hogg Boss trap gate for easy setup and superior hog retention. Once assembled, these panels lock together without the need for T-Posts or fencing wire. It can easily be set up in under 20 minutes by one person.  Hogg Boss Trap Gate sold separately.

-10 Panel Set
-Each panel measures 95″ long x 62″ tall
Approximately 30 foot diameter corral when assembled with Hogg Boss Gate
-Each panel weighs under 50lbs
-No anchor system required
-Designed to resist being rooted up by hogs.
-Extremely portable


Updated: April 18, 2024