Save  Deer   Quail    Fields   Crops   Golf Courses   $$$ Money  by eliminating hogs from your property

Hogg Boss Conversion Unit


Hogg Boss gates are the most cost effective cellular controlled hog trapping system in the industry!

Using the latest in cellular Technology

The Hogg Boss Cellular Control Unit converts any hog trap into a high-tech-red-neck hog trapping system that can be controlled using ANY cellular phone. Our new units include a SIM card that can be activated online and costs only $5/month to operate.  Works with 4G LTE and 3G networks.  The unit includes a few very simple programming instructions.  Firmly attach the control unit to your hog trap, connect the release cable to your traps gate release, supply a battery and connect the included solar panel to ensure your trap is ready when you are.  Once hogs have entered your trap, simply call the number associated with your trap and mark pork off your grocery shopping list.  *Gate Latch sold separately.

Includes 1 year warranty parts and labor

External Antenna

Our conversion unit comes with a long range antenna which outperforms most cellular phone antennas.  However, hogs aren’t always next to the closest cell tower so for those really out of the way places, our Extended Range Antenna can be purchased for even more reliable performance.

Updated: April 22, 2024