Hog Damage

Are Feral Hogs Taking Over Your Property?

In just a few nights, feral swine can decimate lawns, native habitats and pasturelands. Common feral swine damage includes rooting, wallowing, and trampling of sensitive vegetation totaling an estimated $1.5 Billion dollars in damage annually

What We Do

Hogg Boss gates are the most cost effective cellular controlled hog trapping system on the market.  The Hogg Boss gate includes a cellular control unit, long range antenna, and solar panel.  It requires cellular activation and can be operated for $100/yr.  Corral system is sold separately.  The gate also requires a 12 volt battery and cellular trail camera.  Our system will work with any cellular trail camera.

Feral Hog Management

Eliminates Whole Herds (Sounders)

Hogs are smart and quickly learn to be trap weary when only one or two hogs from a sounder is caught at a time.

With the Hogg Boss Gate and a cellular game camera, you control how many hogs are caught and when the trap is activated.

Cellular GSM wireless Technology

Cellular activated traps, using Cellular game cameras, bring the art of trapping to the 21 century.  With the addition of long-range Antennas (optional), Hogg Boss traps can be set up even in some of the most remote locations and activated via phone call.

Instant Feedback

Easy to operate by one call or text message
Up to 999 different mobile phone numbers can be pre-authorized in the system
Secure - Using caller ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored.  Allowing you to chose what phone numbers can operate the gate. Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit

Are You Keepin The Swine In Line?

We've got a trapping system to fit your needs and your budget.

sow and pigs

Fire your Trap from anywhere in the world

Been trying to catch this sow for two weeks.  She finally came in last night with her pigs.  The cool thing about this is we are 6hrs away on the beach.  Hogg Boss is AWESOME!!

--- Jason S.

sow and pigs

Kids Trapping

These little hog hunters out emptying the traps this morning! #hoggbossgates

Kids Trapping

Hogg Boss Gates

Hogg Boss Gates need to be part of your feral hog management plan this fall!

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