Hogg Boss Gate w/Corral System




Hogg Boss gates are the most cost effective cellular controlled hog trapping system on the market. The Hogg Boss gate includes cellular control unit, long range antenna, and solar panel. It requires cellular activation and can be operated for $100/yr. Corral system is sold separately. The gate also requires a 12 volt battery and cellular trail camera. Our system will work with any cellular trail camera.

The Hogg Boss gate system uses a cellular control unit to trigger the gate. It requires an activated AT&T SIM card and simple programming (instructions included). You determine what numbers you want to fire the gate and only those numbers will trigger the system. Once hogs have entered your trap, simply call the number associated with your trap and mark pork off your grocery shopping list.

Hogs aren’t always next to the closest cell tower so each unit comes complete with an external antenna for improved reception. For those really out of the way places, additional antennas can be purchased for even more reliable performance.

The Hogg Boss gate system easily integrates with our proprietary wall corral panel system for easy setup and superior hog retention. Once assembled, these panels lock together without the need for T-Posts or fencing wire.

-10 Panel Set
-Each panel measures 95″ long x 62″ tall
-Approximately 30 foot diameter corral when assembled with Hogg Boss Gate
-Each panel weighs under 50lbs
-No anchor system required
-Designed to resist being rooted up by hogs.
-Extremely portable

Additional information

Weight 630 lbs
Dimensions 95 × 18 × 74 in
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