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Hogg Boss Gate w/Corral System


Includes Hogg Boss trap gate with electronics and 10 panel portable corral set

The Hogg Boss Gate paired with our Portable Corral System is the most cost effective cellular hog trapping system in the industry!  This set includes the Hogg Boss trap gate with electronics and our 10 panel Portable Corral System.  As with all our products they will work with any cellular trail camera on the market and it comes with the SIM card which you activate online and costs only $5/month to operate.  You will need a 12 volt (trolling motor style) battery.  This trapping system is the preferred trap for USDA and state and federal Wildlife Agencies across the U.S.  Step up to the big leagues with this combination!  Our trap and corral design are based on multiple university studies to provide you with the optimum trap gate and corral dimensions to shorten your trap conditioning time and to entice those trap-shy sows to enter the enclosure.  Trap Gate and Corral dimensions play a tremendous role in the length of time it takes to get a complete feral hog sounder to enter your enclosure!

Includes 1 year warranty parts and labor

Updated: April 18, 2024