Save  Deer   Quail    Fields   Crops   Golf Courses   $$$ Money  by eliminating hogs from your property


All products come with a guarantee that we will stand behind. We have spent a lot of time in the research and development of hog trapping and accessories . The products we sell have all been tested for the application they are advertised for. In other words, if we say something will work for a certain application, its been tested over and over. 

With that being said, All Hogg Boss Gates products come with a 10 Day return policy that we will honor under certain conditions. All products needing warranty work must have been purchased by the user or for the user (such as a gift). In some instances we will require that the products be sent back to the shop at the expense of the customer.

Cosmetic defects, depending on severity, may or may not be covered under warranty.

We want to thank all customers of Hogg Boss Gates and we want to maintain an open line of contact between customers and the company. If at any time you have any questions concerning any of our products, please email us or call us directly.